Are Black Friday Deals Worth It?

There are many American exports both J and I enjoy. For example the sitcom “Friends”, the first two series of “The Big Bang Theory” (when it was actually funny) and cereals laced with sugar.

A particular American export which for some bizarre reason we’ve adopted here in the UK is that of “Black Friday” and the apparent “Deals” that come out on “Black Friday”. It’s 2019 and by now we’ve all seen the stampedes of people trampling one another to get their hands on a brand new TV that’s £3.76 less than it was when the store shut. As we approach “Black Friday” 2019 let’s we thought it would be worth a blog post about a healthy financial approach to it.

Now, I am not saying that some of the offerings on “Black Friday”, which this year is Friday 29th November aren’t genuinely worth it. A mate of ours got a Garmin Fitness Watch he had his eye on for two months for £200 less. That is a genuinely good deal. What I am saying, as we all should be when it comes to personal finance, is a bit of financial prudence and wariness is rarely a bad thing. There’s the obvious questions to ask yourself:

  • “Do I really want or need this?”
    Followed by
  • “Can I actually afford this without having to sacrifice something else I need?”

If you can honestly answer “Yes” to the above questions then by all means go ahead, but if not, save yourself the trouble and anxiety of the over expenditure.

So you’ve answered “Yes” to the above. Good for you. Time to have some fun with the money you’ve earnt. Let’s have a look at some deals which are likely to occur this year, based on what was offered last year:


Last year ASOS were offering up to 20% off of purchases from the Thursday before Black Friday to the early part of the following weekend.

A perfect opportunity to get that Christmas Party Dress you’ve had your eye on.

Paperchase – 30% Off – Chasing That Paper (one of the worst jokes we’ve had on this blog)

Paperchase have offered good discounts on their products for the last 3 or 4 years so we’re expecting the same again in 2019.

In 2018 Paperchase were giving 30% off of their entire product list. If you’re like me and enjoy creating scrapbooks then this a genuinely good deal for something I was going to buy anyway.

Apple – Giftcard With Purchases – So “Appealing” (please laugh)

Apple offered a gift card last year and are likely to do so this year.

This deal really depended on the amount you spent in the first place as opposed to a straight money off deal.

If you bought an Apple TV for £149 you got a £20 gift card, likewise if you went for a standard Ipad at £319 you got an £80 gift card.

So Are There Deals To Be Had?

Honestly, yes and overall this is an American import I am genuinely thankful for and have made use of the in the past. The key thing though is to genuinely ask yourself as whether or not you’re foregoing something else that either you need or would mean more to you. Don’t get sucked in by the first flashing headline and percentage reduction that’s being offered.

Take your time and definitely use the comparison sites that are widely available, they cover pretty much all the big purchases, cameras, TV’s, watches, all sorts! And be sure to let us know what you did manage to save!

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