General Election 2019 – How To Make Extra Money From The General Election

There’s nothing this country, the UK, needs more than more politics. Honestly we have been utterly devoid of some politics for the last few years so it’s about time we had some. And what’s more, we’ve been gifted the gift of a General Election for Christmas!

Thanks Santa!

Unless you’re like J and I and really enjoy politics then you’re probably absolutely bored to death by the prospect of the upcoming General Election. However, where there is a vote, there is money to be made.

When you go to vote you’ll be given your ballot paper by a Polling Clerk. These individuals aren’t volunteers. Given that you have to arrive at the polling station at 6am and can’t leave until about 11pm no one is going to volunteer for that. So instead the local authority will pay you to be a poll clerk. 

I’ve been a Poll Clerk for about 6 years and honestly it’s really good fun. I’m lucky that I always am alongside a friend of mine and we have been poll clerks together for the 6 years. Not only this but we get paid for the day. Poll Clerking is deemed , when you’re paid, as a personal payment and therefore is treated for that purpose as taxable income, so you’ll most likely pay for this through PAYE, assuming that you’re full time employed.

“But how much does it pay M?”

This depends on how much you earn however you’ll typically take somewhere between £180 – £210 into your bank account. Obviously you’ll have to take a day of Annual Leave for it however unless you earn over £50k (roughly) you’ll still be better off. Not to mention that it’s a genuinely good laugh if you get a good group of other Poll Clerks. It’s also very much worth mentioning that you should consult your company “Leave Policy” or equivalent document. Some organisations treat “Poll Clerking” as a public duty and so offer you the time off without making you take a day of annual leave. Double winning.

“M, this sound greats! How do I apply?”

The simple and most effective way is to contact the “Democratic Services” team at your local council and authority. I know that that the Local Authority I do my poll clerk work for has already sent out emails asking for people to apply, so they definitely are looking for people!

Either email them or call them and ask how can I apply to be a poll clerk! Let us know how you get on and good luck!

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