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This is such a blog post for a newbie. But… that is what I am.

Here, I’ll keep coming back and adding to this pinned post. With all the various places I get my news / inspiration / tips and tricks from.

Please comment any more that you just can’t live without, these below are ones that I’ve been reading or listening to on a weekly basis for at least a year.

Resources for Markets / Investing


  • Seeking Alpha


  • Motley Fool – Industry Focus
  • Motley Fool – Market Foolery
  • Radio 5 live – Wake up to Money
  • FT – Banking Weekly


  • FT (Subsciption)
  • Bloomberg (varies)
  • Yahoo Finance (free)
  • The Economist (subscription)
  • BBC Business (free)
  • Money Week (UK only)

Hopefully, the above probably won’t change as much as the below. I’ve been reading about the financial markets and investing for about 5 years now and I always come back to the same sites.

This is mainly because you really need a reliable source. I don’t mean I’m shy of someone’s opinion, the podcasts are very opinionated and the Financial Times can be very forthright. What I am saying is that, sometimes, when you get something for free, the quality can match.

But J – I don’t want to read about the Argentinian Debt Crisis or the Wirecard Accounting Scandal in the FT.

Quite rightly 80% of the FT is probably only interesting and relatable for those who work in the financial services. However the Personal Finance, Property, Work & Careers and Money columns are all directly relevant to your personal situation.

That was without actually proving how the Argentinian Debt Crisis or Wirecard Accounting Scandal could actually be of relevance, too. Btw – the later is like a mini-Enron situation.

Resources for Personal Finance / FIRE


  • The Escape Artist
  • Retireby40
  • The Monevator
  • Mr Money Moustache
  • The Financial Samurai
  • Money saving expert (UK only)  


  • Choose FI
  • Meaningful Money personal finance podcast
  • Mad Fientist
  • FT Money Show

Others I use

  • BBC News (genuinely, bite me)
  • The Property Podcast (still don’t know how I feel about property investment for my personal finances, but this podcast is so well created)

Please do comment any other great resources. Much like anyone else, I would always like more blogs / news resources to drain!

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  1. Thanks for the list, I’m curious – do you think the Motley Fool is as good as they claim? Heard mixed things about them.

    1. J

      See this is an interesting one. I don’t refer to them for their stock pics, which is what a lot of people criticise them for.
      But they have 4 different podcasts and I use then to keep up to date about all the big blue chip companies. Also, they have good industry knowledge that you just wouldn’t read if you had to search for it.

      So I don’t think they’re great for pure investment advice (which is what they want to be known for) but from a news perspective, I quite like them.

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